I love you, Amazon

7 Sep

One of my longest-term relationships is with Amazon. Ah, my beloved Amazon. We’ve been together through so much. It keeps me in Grey’s Anatomy box sets. It found the books I needed for my Japanese class (and some animations to add a little quirky fun). It helps me pick just the right novels to take on holiday. And, in the past month, it has provided me with countless self-help books.

Which is why it was so devastating during ‘the great break up clean out’ to discover an unused and out-of-date Amazon gift voucher. Oh, what might have been!

So I wrote Amazon a note yesterday explaining that my heart had been broken, as evidenced by the purchasing of every self-help book I could fit in my virtual shopping cart. So depressing. I asked Amazon, at this difficult time, to extend my voucher so that I might buy a box set. Not to mend my broken heart. But to distract it with season two of Homeland.

Amazon, you never let me down.

An almost instant reply arrived in my inbox. Amazon were sorry to hear about the break up and have extended the gift voucher for another six months.

At least, in some relationships, loyalty still counts for something.

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