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And then my best friend asked me to marry him

22 Aug

My dearest blogger friends, again it has been the longest time since I updated you on the surprising tale of the Pizza of Doom.

I keep thinking I’ll just finish. I’ll just stop writing and be done. After all, this was a place to play out my agony with nobody to judge and everybody to empathize. I have no need to write here anymore. Years have gone by since the only relief I got from the pain was putting it out here on cyberspace.

But when I got my annual reminder to update my WordPress payment details in order to keep this domain name, I just couldn’t walk away and let my little blog disappear into oblivion. And, of course, being a nostalgic and self-reflective cat, I started to read the story of April four years ago.

It reminded me that back in those dark, dark days, reading the blogs of others who had been through similar experiences kept me sane. Or maybe I wasn’t entirely sane, but it made me feel sane. It made me feel less lonely. It gave me hope. Just a slither. But hope, nonetheless.

So for any broken, bashed and bruised hearts out there, I want to keep telling you my story, however ad hoc my blogging status may be.

Just over three weeks ago, on the rooftop of our apartment in Brooklyn, my best friend, soul mate, and love of my life asked me to marry him. I sit here writing to you today with a ring on my finger and a heart – and life – full of love and happiness and excitement for the future. I never thought this day would come. It was something for “other people”. It was something “unfathomable”. It was something that passed me by when karma forgot me.

You know, back in that blurry hell of heartbreak, I remember people telling me that I would look back and laugh at it. I don’t. I look back and cry, because it hurt like f***. But I also look back and know that it prepared me for everything else. It made me, well, me. And I like me.

Now, I do realize that life won’t always be smooth and sunny sailing. I know there will be hard times, and tough times, and downright bad times. But I thought nobody would ever love me, and that I wasn’t capable of loving anyone. As it turns out, I fell in love with the greatest human of all.

And if you think that’s good… wait for it… we also got a cat.