Giving thanks

28 Nov

In honour of all my lovely American buddies (WordPress and real world) I am going with a Thanksgiving theme today. I only wish I had a large slab of pumpkin pie to accompany it. Actually, make that pecan pie. I’m Texan at heart (and not that keen on pumpkin pie, if I’m totally honest.)

This year, I am thankful for:

–        My family and friends and health and career and education and all those things that you really need to be thankful for or you sound like an asshole.

–        Modern Family, Friends, and The Golden Girls, which have managed to make me smile on many a miserable, tear-filled day.

–        My bed. The only place I am really happy these days. That is when I am not having nightmares or dreaming about him.

–        Marks and Spencer’s kids’ meals. When I can’t think about food, I can usually just about stomach a mini microwave ‘nice, nice, chicken and rice’.

–        The wonderful, wonderful people at Kobkun Thai Massage Therapy.

–        Taylor Swift.

–        All my friends who have been through genuine heartbreak and have been kind enough to share their experiences.

–        My counsellor. Especially for managing to decipher what I was saying through all the tears last night.

–        British Airways for upgrading me to first class and making me feel good about travelling alone.

–        Spiced pumpkin lattes.

–        My hair.

–        The fact that next Thanksgiving will be much, much better than this one.

Have a fantastic holiday, everyone. You deserve it.

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