A little support in the strangest of places

27 Nov

As you know, I muse often over how grateful I am for my lovely, supportive blogger buddies. You’re even more supportive than some of my friends in the real world. You know who you are. And I heart you. Big time.

Sometimes it feels weird to feel close to people I’ve never even met. People who I don’t even know outside of the world of WordPress, but who’s words can genuinely brighten my day, change my perspective, make me feel OK enough to get out of bed when I’d rather stick my head under the covers and die.

Well, here’s an even weirder story.

When I first rejoined eHarmony, I started talking to this guy. We’ll call him J. We exchanged a few emails. And then my grief hit me like a truck, no, an oil tanker, and I just stopped replying.

A couple of months later he emailed. “Just to check we’re definitely not soul mates.”

I emailed back and apologised for disappearing, but explained that someone had broken up with me and – while I thought I was – I’m not ready to date.

I just got the nicest email back. He told me about breaking up with someone last year and starting to date again, then breaking up again, and trying to hold it together. It’s amazing how the more people you talk to, the more breakup stories you hear. In the end he said, “Hey, everyone’s different. I just think you should be out there. You’re a fox. You look like a Celtic princess.”

When the person you loved the most demolishes your confidence, and has you questioning every element of your mind, soul and body. When the person you loved the most leaves you weighing yourself every day to try and feel more attractive, and staring at yourself in the mirror wondering why you aren’t lovable. When the person you loved the most rejects you. It’s incredible that someone you don’t even know can make you feel good.

A little compassion from a perfect stranger.

A little support in the strangest of places.

3 Responses to “A little support in the strangest of places”

  1. K. A. Smith November 27, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    So perfect! I love when that happens. It totally gives you new perspective and a little something extra to keep you going. 🙂

  2. Mona E Light November 28, 2013 at 10:23 am #

    I had dissapointments before meeting my husband online, yes looking for love online can be painful but I never gave up and at the end I found what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing!


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    […] The total stranger who was nice to me on eHarmony. […]

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