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What the psychic had to say

5 Sep

The weekend after the pizza of doom I went to see a psychic. This is something my friend and I did four years ago when her engagement got broken off and I was going through a break up of my own. The accuracy was startling. I also went to see a palm reader in Key West with the ex before the ex, and his perceptions were scarily correct too. They mostly revolved around the fact we had to break up. Which we did a few days later (that story is still to come). The point is, if someone can convince me that they genuinely have these powers, I put a lot of faith in what they have to tell me.

Anyway, I liked this psychic straight off because she had a cat who sat with us throughout the reading. I cried a lot, and I left an hour later feeling much better about life. There were various things that led me to believe she knew what she was talking about, e.g. “I was dreaming about New York all night, have you just been there?” Hell. Yes. I had got back two weeks before.

So what did she predict? Well, the long and short of it is a lot of happiness. She kept telling me that this, “had to happen”. That my ex will realise his mistake, but it will be too late because I’m going to meet someone else and it’s not long til I’m planning my wedding. Then I have two kids, and two dogs. Everything happens in twos for me.

Although the concept of marriage and kids makes me feel quite sick at the moment (the promise of dogs, on the other hand, was music to my ears) I’ve kind of been clinging onto this reading for the past few weeks. I keep repeating those words to myself. “This had to happen.” It feels reassuring.

But after an evening lying in bed watching House of Cards, my outlook isn’t as cheery and rainbow-filled as it used to be (I really am usually such a fricking happy person. Like, to an annoying degree.)

I’m left with a very scary question bothering me.

What if the psychic is wrong?