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Reasons to smile

2 Oct

For nearly nine weeks now I have woken up every morning and been hit with the pain. And the memories. Him. Him. Him. I hit ‘snooze’, try to focus on me me me, and think of reasons to be happy. Some mornings the inspiration has been somewhat lacking. In fact, many times the only thing I have been able to tell myself is, “You have really nice hair.”

This morning there were a few more glimmers of emotional sunshine than usual.

In fact, check this out:

1. Tomorrow night I am having dinner with some of my favourite ex colleagues (who are also lovely friends).

2. Some of my blogger buddies told me I should write a book. Awww. I love to write. I would love to write a book. My little broken heart soars.

3. I go on holiday in just under six weeks.

4. Rightly or wrongly (or just plain messed-uply), I am really enjoying Wedding Boy’s messages.

5. I think that, if I can get my act together, my new job is going to turn out to be great. There are interesting accounts. The people are all super nice. I just need to get my confidence back.

Count them! One, two, three, four, five reasons to be happy. Not bad at all.

Oh, and I have really nice hair.