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Damn you, Facebook

28 Mar

Excuse my posting just hours after my last post.

I’ve had a Facebooktastrophe.

Ever since the pizza of doom I have been so so so good at not looking at him on social media. The very night of the pizza of doom I deleted him from everything. Everything, I tell you!

Today I was looking through old pictures and there was a photo he had commented on. A photo from last summer. At a wedding I went to with him. He’s not in the photo. But he had commented back at the time. Anyway, I noticed that his little profile picture shot had changed.

Goodness knows what came over me, but I clicked to look at his profile.

Stupid me.

It is very, very obvious to me that (although he is wearing a really terrible fedora in this photo) he is very much in love with whoever is taking the photo. It’s there. In his eyes. He’s alone in the photo. But, you know, someone’s taking it. Someone I hate.

I feel physically sick. My arms are like lead. My breathing has gone mental and I can’t stop shaking.

It is so incredibly, incredibly unfair that eight months on I am left this shattered, weird version of myself while he has sauntered right into meeting someone.

I f***ing hate him.

And I f***ing love him.