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Surely I am running out of tears

13 Oct

Funny the things that can set you off in the heightened emotional state of a break up.

I’ve been very tired and very stressed with work for the past week. It seems to have made me take a massive two leaps backwards into painfulness.

Today, whilst shopping for a toothbrush, I had to walk into a corner and release a little screaming noise. This – I have learned from pilates – is something to do with stress release. It does also make me look like a mentalist, however.

Later, when I got home, I was searching for my electrical adaptor thingie to take to Boston tomorrow. Of course, the last time I had it was in New York. With him. Unable to locate it under my bed (where I keep most things), I completely broke down. I full-on lost it on my bedroom floor. I’m not even going to call it crying. That sounds too elegant. I was wailing. Unattractive.

I found the adaptor thingie about two hours later in the fruit bowl in my kitchen.

Which didn’t even strike me as odd.

The stress/thinking of him correlation

9 Oct

I am so busy at work. So busy that I really shouldn’t be taking time out for blogging, but I’ve been here for ten hours and haven’t even stopped to get something to eat. I’m hungry and I need to write.

I feel panicky. I do not feel good. I miss him.

And the more stressed out I get, the more I think of him and how he was never in love with me. Never in love with me. Never in love with me.

It hurts.