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Date number two

13 Dec

OK, buddies. Date two with B tonight.

I’ll be honest: I really want a snog out of this. Even if it all leads to nothing, I miss kissing. I miss intimacy. I want to snog his face.

We’re going to play ping pong at a cocktail bar that has a bunch of ping pong tables. I’m already worried that (being about as co-ordinated as a moose) I will fall over/hit myself on the head with a ping pong paddle/cause him some kind of unexpected injury.

This week has been crazy busy with Christmas parties and get togethers and lunches and ugh. I have put on 4 lbs since Monday and look like a bloated alcoholic. So I’m tired, but I’m excited.

In an email the other day B said that I was, “Probably the most stylish person I know these days.” This is the closest that he has come to actually flirting with me. Well, I tell you what, he could not have flattered me more. I’m very keen on my fashions.

Years ago I went out with a guy at work (the Secret Work Boyfriend), who looked me up and down one day and said, “That’s not fashion.” I was devastated. Not only did he seem to be going off my personality and face with alarming speed, he was now insulting my clothes.

I’m dressed to impress today in wool shorts with tights, and a Topshop blouse with a gold elephant collar.

You’d snog me, right?

The ex-boyfriend and the ex-blog

5 Sep

I’m really feeling quite horrific. The crying in public kind of horrific. So I’m concentrating hard on things that prove we were not meant to be together. High up on the list is the time he got paint on my carpet and never even attempted to get the stains out. There’s also the fact he’s the only person to ever make me feel bad about having a breast reduction when I was 21, saving me from a lifetime of back pain. And, of course, he doesn’t love sunshine or the beach.

But, all that aside, a funny little memory has stuck in my mind.

This is not my first expedition into the blogosphere. I used to write a blog about animal fashions. Just to be clear, that’s not fashions for animals to wear: it’s human fashions with an animal twist. I was never very regular in posting and I’m pretty sure only my friends read it (and a few Russians according to the stats). I kind of gave up on it after the ex before the ex told me it was stupid and immature. But I enjoyed it. If you ever want to check it out it’s The Lion The Kitsch and The Wardrobe Heaven knows when I last posted anything.

So, rewind to January and I’m meeting the ex’s best girlfriend (in a platonic sense) for the first time. She’s a hipster architect. We get talking about blogs and I mentioned mine. As soon as she got home she looked it up and texted the ex telling him how awesome and hilarious it was and asking me to write more.

But he never even looked at it.

Was he not curious? That was back when I thought he really was madly in love with me (and he regularly told me he was). I took an interest in all his crap. At the time I dismissed it, thinking he just wasn’t into animal fashions (not a deal breaker), but now it has me thinking. Did he just like the idea of me?

Clearly he was far too busy reading The Guardian and The FT to catch up on a few quirky blog posts regarding ponies, puppies and pandas.

Well, once again it’s his loss. His loss in terms of fashion commentary, you understand.