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10 Aug

It’s all been happening here at April Towers.

Everyone tells you to redecorate after a break up. I wanted to. Oh, I really wanted to last August. But since I was incapable of standing for longer than twenty minutes or so, it made DIY a little tricky. Where do you find the wherewithall to pick wallpaper when you erupt into tears while trying to choose a shampoo?

A year later, I can do it. Top of my list is replacing my carpet. For regular readers – yes – the same carpet that he trod paint into.

But it struck me that Pizza of Doom itself also needs a little spruce up. After all, times have changed. I’m a year on. And while I’ll admit that I cried a lot this afternoon, I’m changed for the better and stronger than I’ve ever been.

So I’ve rewritten my ‘About’ section to keep up-to-date. Like Grey’s Anatomy, I hope that Season One was just the foundations for what is going to be an increasingly exciting, heart-warming and fascinating tale. Minus the bombs and planecrashes and all.

I think I had to change on the inside before I could change on the outside. Today I even considered a new haircut. But, let’s not get crazy. My hair is already fabulous.


Call the plumber

24 Feb

Last night, my toilet broke.

It stopped flushing.

I was propelled into a panic when I discovered you can’t just lift the lid on the cistern when you have a top button flush (check me out with all my plumbing terms).

After some Google and YouTube research, I took the flush apart and got the lid off. I looked into the cistern and realised I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

So I sent Irish Two a text, complete with photo.

He’s a man.

He should know what to do.

He replied, “Just call a plumber.”

Call a plumber?

Call a plumber!

I’d already invested a good forty minutes taking the bloody thing apart. There was no way I was paying someone to take a look at it.

So I called my Dad. And, sure enough, with a few instructions over the phone, we soon had it fixed.

Call a plumber.


This man is going to be no husband of mine.