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I need to lose half my bodyweight! Immediately!

28 Mar

Well, you know, buddies, I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself of late.

And I still do.

I still think it’s ridiculously unfair that I am a thoroughly nice girl with a good sense of humour, a good job, and lovely hair, and yet I have nobody.

But I have also come to realise that moaning and worrying really doesn’t get you anywhere. So I’m wondering what else in my life (aside from being a lonely cat) I would like to change.

I would like to be thinner.

There it is.

Blame the fashion magazines. Blame the MTV. Blame what you will. But I really think there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be leaner version of oneself.

Will it make me happier?

Yes, it definitely will. And it will open up a huge new range of wardrobe choices.

But here’s the thing, I am just not prepared to get crazy about this. I cannot and will not count every mouthful and every single itty bitty calorie. I’ve been down that road before and it only leads to meltdowns over scrapings of peanutbutter and an overreliance on ice lollies. That’s a sad way to live.

I want to get some kind of exercise schedule going on. Which is ironic, because I just cancelled my gym membership. But it’s springtime now and I live opposite a huge park.

However, I’ve never been very good at getting into an exercise regime. And, by “never very good” I mean “pretty awful”. I tend to go nuts for a few weeks and then get in a mood with myself and decide not to do any of the exercises that I’ve worked so hard to build up to.

So, this time I’m throwing it open to you, my blogger buddies. Any suggestions for workouts, routines, circuits etc. that can be achieved at the park with nothing more than a skipping rope and weight resistance band thingie are most welcome.

I have five weeks until I go to Florida. I would like to be able to run on the beach and not risk being mistaken for a manatee who has swum ashore.

(Although, how cute are manatees?)


I long for chocolate, love and cuddles

10 Mar

Oh dear me.

As the months have rolled on since the pizza of doom, the lbs have rolled on too. The old heartbreak diet (and distinct lack of pizza) knocked a good 16 lbs off me in a really short period of time. I was the most miserable I have ever been in my life, but I could at least get into my skinny jeans.

These days I don’t think I could fit an arm into my skinny jeans, let alone two legs and a bottom.

So, seeing as the weather has taken a turn for springtime and I’m feeling fresh (if a little lonely) after the split from Irish Two, I have decided to try and look non-grotesque when I hit the beach in seven weeks and four days. Not that I’m counting down to my next holiday or anything.

It feels so unfair, though. No boyfriend. No cuddles. No sex. And now no chocolate.

What’s a girl supposed to do for fun?

All I have to say tonight

17 Oct

Is that I’m in my hotel room, exhausted, with a massive slice of pumpkin pecan cheesecake for dinner.

He would have told me off for eating cheesecake for dinner.

Thanks to him, I’ve lost 16 lbs and feel just fine about a few extra calories. I got whipped cream on the side too.


7 Sep

Sense I’m having a cringey Saturday night? Apologies for the mass posting, I think I’m having some sort of panic…thing. I don’t want to say panic attack because I’ve seen someone have one and it was horrific.

I am back to feeling like I did when we broke up five weeks ago. I feel sick. I can’t even drink water.

I need to go to bed with some Nytol, I think.

All I can say is, at least I’ll fit into my bridesmaid dress next weekend. No bother.