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27 Nov

I emailed a friend this morning in a moment of deep unhappiness. I’ve been very stressed with work this week. And I think I possibly saw my ex this morning. It was from behind so I can’t be sure it was him. But it was his walk. His posture.

Anyway, I told my friend that I don’t know what to do anymore. For four months I have tried to make myself feel happy and nothing has changed. I’m tired. And I’m tired of being tired.

He suggested that:

1. I throw myself into my new job 150%

2. I jack it in. Take a couple of months off to go travelling or relax, and freelance when I get back.

I would really like to go for option 2. I’d be throwing away a big opportunity. It wouldn’t look great on my CV. I’d let a lot of people down. I’d lose a lot of money.

But who the hell am I doing this for anyway?