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Text from the ex

7 Sep

Today I met up with some lovely, lovely girls I worked with at a summer camp in Pennsylvania 12 years ago, we had a great afternoon and drank quite a lot of wine. Mmm.

Anyway, at some point I looked at my phone. And there it was. After five weeks, a text from the ex. I won’t duplicate it here, but it basically said he’s back from NY and would like to meet up. He has a lot of my stuff etc. and that he hasn’t been in touch til now because he wanted to give me some space “after we broke up”.

Pretty final, huh?

I ignored it for the afternoon. I responded just now and asked him to give me a couple more weeks. I said I would like to see him, but – pathetic as it sounds – wasn’t sure if I could. And that I really need to focus in starting my new job, then I might feel more ready.

Do you think I did OK?

Nothing back yet. I feel so, so, so, so, so sad.