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Massage Mondays

21 Oct

I have a problem with Mondays.

I know that most people are not ecstatic when Monday rolls around, but when you feel pretty low every day (I’ve spent Friday evenings in tears since the pizza of doom) Monday becomes something really quite horrific. A few weeks ago I realised this was a problem that needed tackled, and today I think I’ve finally hit upon the perfect formula.

This morning got off to a rough start. I struggled to get up. I needed at least ten hours’ more sleep. I left my flat without my umbrella just as the heavens opened to drench me in cat and dog raindrops. I very nearly walked directly into a huge and hideous spider on my way to the bus stop. And then the bus took ten minutes to show up. Not cool.

But as I turned the corner to my office, things looked up. Low and behold, a van giving away free cups of coffee. The good stuff. Monmouth coffee. Somebody somewhere wanted me to have a great day.

Armed with this glimmer of hope, I decided to turn this Monday around.

I went on an admin binge and sorted all my emails. I enjoyed a second coffee. At lunch I ate delicious sushi. And after work I took a stroll to my favourite massage place and treated myself to an hour-long relaxation session. During which I fell asleep. Twice.

To top it off I ate cheesecake for dinner.

Apparently the free coffee van was a one off. But from now on, Monday is officially Massage and Cheesecake Day.

All I have to say tonight

17 Oct

Is that I’m in my hotel room, exhausted, with a massive slice of pumpkin pecan cheesecake for dinner.

He would have told me off for eating cheesecake for dinner.

Thanks to him, I’ve lost 16 lbs and feel just fine about a few extra calories. I got whipped cream on the side too.