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Survived my first post break up wedding

1 Sep

The wedding was lovely. The bride was gorgeous. The groom was hilarious. The champagne was delicious. It just made me sad hearing the vows and knowing I thought and felt all those things for my ex. But he didn’t feel them back. Ouch. Massive ouch.

Also I was wearing a dress I last wore to a wedding in Ireland. With him. Although I’ve lost about 10 lbs since then, I felt blobby and unattractive today. It’s a sad story when a man breaks your heart and ruins a favourite dress in the process.

Well, damn. I need to get some sleep. I’m going to France in the morning for some post-break-up, pre-new-job, please-let-a-change-of-scene-stop-me-being-so-miserable, quality time with my Mum. 

Au revoir, sad London. Bonjour, sunny Nice.