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I’ve made my choice

10 Jan

I’ve been a bit bad at blogging recently.

2014 is off to a crazy busy start. But, I am over the fricking moon to tell you that I’m enjoying it.

Sometimes I find myself almost hyper with glee that I feel normal again. And that I can watch TV without crying. And sleep. And eat. Oh, it’s all just so much better than I even remember it.

I’m also feeling very grrrrr about everything. I lost a lot of 2013 to sadness and that makes me angry.

After all, I’m pretty awesome.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m ever so slightly in love with the TV show Nashville. Ooohhh, I’ve listened to this song so much recently…. And just like the singer herself, I’ve made my choice between heartbreak and revival.


Stop crying your heart out

24 Nov

If only I could.

Yet another song I’ve always loved, but the lyrics of which now give me goosebumps.

I’m not sure there is a more fitting, compassionate, and brutally hopeful breakup song.

So this sums up what I thought was our perfect relationship

8 Sep

I will give up this fight. Really. I’ll try.