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Happy f***ing birthday

22 Jan

Apologies, I haven’t touched blog in a long, long time.

Work has been crazy. And, honestly, I just needed a break from everything. I’ve been coming home, putting on my satin PJs, lighting some candles, eating frozen yoghurt and watching Homeland. It’s been nice. I feel like I am recuperating.

There is a lot to catch everyone up on. But that is for another day.

Because today is my ex’s birthday.

Last year I cooked him the most incredible meal. I took a day off work to cook it. I made him a cake that was quite simply magnificent. When he took it into work the next day everyone told him he should put a ring on my finger. Pronto.

Of course, as we all know, he instead decided to wait a few months and then eat half a pizza and break my heart into a billion pieces.

I’m not a nasty person. I pride myself on being one of the nicest people I have ever met.

But I hope he has a rubbish birthday.

Maybe he’s with someone else now. Maybe he’s on his own and feeling lonely. Maybe he’s out with his friends tonight.

Whatever he’s doing, I hope he remembers that meal, that cake, and the gifts I gave him last year. How I blew up balloons and made him a card.  How I made a Spotify playlist with all his favourite music. How we kissed.

And I hope he feels terrible.