8 Apr

Sometimes I think of you.

Sometimes I’m busy at work, or right in the middle of a conversation, or really relaxing and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, when my mind goes to you.

Sometimes I can manoeuvre my thoughts around you.

Sometimes I can’t.

Sometimes your memory wakes me at 5am. Or 3am.

Sometimes it stops me from getting to sleep in the first place.

Sometimes I’m really concentrating on a piece of copy, trying to meet a deadline, focusing on my clients, when you cross my mind and knock the air right out of me.

Sometimes I find tears running down my cheeks when I haven’t even noticed that I’ve started crying.

Sometimes I think the pain will never go away.


2 Responses to “Sometimes”

  1. Tinkerbellknits April 9, 2014 at 9:03 am #

    Sending you lots of love as I feel exactly the same right now and 3.45 this morning was particularly difficult for me. I wish you love, but knowing how I feel I hope you can find enough distractions today and every day to take your mind off him xx

  2. Shanmoo February 20, 2015 at 9:14 pm #

    8th April 2014 was the day we broke up. Our first argument…. when I told him, upset and not thinking straight, to get lost for lying to me…… We just needed to talk about what had happened. A stupid misunderstanding. A stupid difference of opinion on something that could in fact be sorted. I went away from him and after Id had time to calm down believed that the man who is a CC of your ex, would of course work it out with me. He said he’d never go and I was stuck with him. What he told me 3 days later when we met up would so deeply scar me that I dont think I will ever recover. I am booking the anniversary off work so that I dont see him in the office. He wont see me – like your post about him not seeing you, he never saw me when we were together either.

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