What have we done, iPhone?

7 Sep

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

So we got into a bit of a textonversation. He said he totally understood me needing time, and that I need to know how hard the past five weeks has been on him, and that he really cares about me. I texted back saying it had been the worst five weeks of my life and I miss him so much and am so scared about my new job. On it went for a few texts.

Then I said, “Look, should we just talk on the phone? I don’t know why, but my guts tell me it will make me feel better.”

He said, “I’m on my way to Pete’s wedding, but can talk tomorrow around 12?”

Ahahahahhhhhhhhhh! This just made me think of him at some wedding party chatting to girls and going home with someone.

I texted back, “OK. I think it would be good to talk so that would suit. Have fun tonight. At least you can enjoy being single.”


Nothing back.

I honestly feel like my heart is about to explode.

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